About Us

Who we are?

        We are a team, a rather big one now, of designers, engineers and managers. We are all very passionate about startups and love the spirit of entrepreneurship. That and our love for good food, are pretty much the only things common across the greatly diverse team we have.

What we do?

        At Adroha, we absolute love working with companies, big or small, and try to do whatever it takes to help them grow faster. The reason we provide these services is because we strongly feel that a team or an individual, whether starting out or expanding, should not have to worry about figuring out activities which, though impact their business, are not their niche. From making websites to setting up business mail accounts, managing your social media and much more, we are here to take care of the little things, while you look after the company.

Want to send us a message?

        Go ahead! We love hearing from you folks. Whether it’s a suggestion or a feedback or just a ‘hi’, we love to have our inbox filled. Though we are not be able to reply all mails (believe us, we try hard to), but rest assured we do read them all.